BB Merchant Services UK & Ireland Features In The Times

NEWS FLASH – BB Merchant Services UK & Ireland features in The Times in an article entitled All Bases Covered: common money concerns and who can fix them.

The article in The Times highlights how BB Merchant Services is the preferred choice for many of the world’s largest companies wishing to benchmark and renegotiate their current banking, finance and merchant services fees without running expensive and time-consuming tender processes.

A fast-growing team of industry experts currently works with several FTSE-100 companies. Also, 250 projects for other large European and US companies.

Our customer satisfaction survey scores consistently show that 100 per cent of clients would recommend BB Merchant Services. In addition, several hundred companies have provided written or video testimonials advocating the quality of BB Merchant Services.

Read the full article and story in The Times link below or contact us for further details. Our friendly team of experts are on hand to help.

Read the full article here!

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