Do all banks have the same appetite for debt?

Do all Banks have the same appetite for debt, and how can a debt advisor help?

Many companies and other bodies are looking for ways to reduce borrowing costs and improve senior debt options in the current economic environment. 

When it comes to senior debt, not all banks are equal. For example, some banks are more risk-averse than others, which can be due to several factors.

Choosing a long-term funding partner or renegotiating the best terms with existing funders is critical for any business. 

Richard Meddelton shares why working with a trusted and experienced debt advisor is so important. During these challenging times, with rising inflation and interest rates, this is particularly pertinent.

There are many options and, indeed, a myriad of providers. A trusted and impartial debt advisor can help companies, LLPs, and other bodies make informed choices about their senior debt options.

For example, an experienced debt advisor can guide clients through choosing the right funding partner or renegotiating improved terms with the existing lender. Also, the advisor can provide a firm with an objective analysis of the options available so it can make an informed decision.

Debt advisors can do the heavy lifting for a borrower and show them in the best light to a potential lender, speaking the same language and focusing on what will be important in any evaluation. 

This approach will save the business a great deal of time. Not only should they understand the market and the company, but they should also be able to negotiate through the often seemingly impenetrable structures in many banks.

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