Flat Iron Steaks secures improvements to its banking and merchant services

Launched in 2012 by founder Charlie Carroll, Flat Iron is a London-based restaurant group dedicated to serving remarkable and affordable steak. Eating steak at a restaurant has traditionally been for exclusive, special occasions, if at all, and often hit-and-miss. Flat Iron’s mission is to make remarkable steak accessible to everyone.

Similarly, Bankbrokers is a firm dedicated to delivering a high-quality service with professionalism and care. It goes beyond benchmarking to supply the best independent banking and merchant services to support clients such as Flat Iron. This is achieved through in-depth knowledge of the markets. Also, global benchmarking capability and an extensive international network.

Stuart McNamara, Finance Director of Flat Iron Steaks, had this to say:

“Bankbrokers were highly recommended to me as the leading experts in this field. What I particularly liked about their service was that they did all the work so that I could focus all my efforts on running the business. This approach identified areas for improvement, and with my permission, they renegotiated improved terms and better rates. I liked Bankbrokers’ focus on service quality and price improvements.”

Click below to read the detailed story and how Flat Iron Steaks has benefited from working with Bankbrokers.

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