New mobile payment technology makes it easier for customers to pay

New SoftPOS technology makes it simpler for customers to pay.

If you are a business owner, you know that supplying a great customer experience is key to your success. In addition, a business needs to keep up with the latest technology trends. This will help it deliver outstanding service and stay ahead of the competition. 

Edward Fillbrook at Bankbrokers UK & Ireland explores that one of the most popular technologies developing fast is SoftPOS. 

This is a software solution that turns an NFC-enabled mobile device into a contactless payment terminal without an external card reader.

Although there are some concerns about security with this payment method, overall, it is a convenient way for customers to pay and can improve the customer journey.

So, if you are considering implementing a new mobile payment capability or SoftPOS in your business, Edward Fillbrook highlights several things to consider that deliver a great customer experience.

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