Refinancing expertise delivers benefits for Squire’s Garden Centres

Over eighty-five years ago, David Squire, Head Groundsman and gardener at the Police Orphanage in Twickenham, was made redundant. With a young family to support, he set up his own business. That business has grown into a thriving, family-owned garden centre group comprising 16 garden centres and 16 Cafe Bars.

Similarly, Bankbrokers is a family-orientated business linked with quality and value. A team of experts understands the current trends in refinancing, including structures, tenors and pricing, and likely covenants. Specialists increase transparency, reduce complexity, and bring clients the latest expertise in refinancing. 

Mark Wilson, Finance Director at Squire’s Garden Centres, instructed Bankbrokers to support and supply guidance on an important refinancing project. 

“Bankbrokers provided an excellent and knowledgeable service to us throughout the tender process. They are clearly highly experienced and were extremely supportive throughout what was a major and very important project for us. Their guidance during the process was invaluable and helped us deliver the project on time. We are delighted with both the banking partner we have selected and the flexible, innovative facilities we now have in place to support us on the next phase of our journey. I would highly recommend the services of Bankbrokers UK & Ireland.”

You can click below to read the full story and how Squire’s Garden Centres has benefited from working with Bankbrokers UK & Ireland.

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Richard Meddelton
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