Christian Blount-Powell joins BB Merchant Services

Christian is a professional who spent the last nine years in Europe before returning to the UK over the summer. He first went out to Rotterdam to study International Business and Management at the Rotterdam Business School, part of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Due to a practical-based education, he got a taste of all business topics through projects, working with several SMEs and large firms during his four years there. Also, he has worked for Iceland Foods in the UK, which he found a positive and engaging experience.

During the programme, he could also go on international projects, internships and an exchange period, where he spent nine months working in Barcelona for a software start-up before embarking on an adventure to Vancouver, Canada, to explore British Columbia and Alberta.

He has many stories to share of his time there, including a beautiful road trip through Banff National Park interrupted by a buck smashing into the driver’s side door, leaving them with a “scar” of Canadian wildlife.  

For the last five years, Chris has been based in The Netherlands, working in the education industry as an international marketing and recruitment officer working in Rotterdam but spending a lot of his time in mainland Europe, Southeast Asia and North Africa.

His role involved business development, building partnerships and dealing with customers worldwide before moving to a more online marketing role during the COVID era, developing his digital marketing skills. He didn’t like having to renew his passport over the summer and now sees blank pages throughout, so we are sure he will be eager to collect those border stamps by working with companies worldwide.

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