How CHECK Reduces Transaction Fees & Unlocks Savings up to 30%

New Testimonial – Bankbrokers – The Netherlands & Belgium helps CHECK reduce transaction fees, unlock savings up to 30%, and improves value.

CHECK is the easiest way around town! As a business it wants everyone in the city to be able to reach their destination within 15 minutes. This is why they introduced a lightweight, electric scooter especially designed for sharing in cities across the Netherlands and Germany. There is always one near you, so you can be on your way within 30 seconds. 

Similarly, Bankbrokers is a responsible and fast-paced business that delivers high-quality services with professionalism and care. It goes beyond benchmarking payment services and banking costs to supply the best independent support to clients, such as CHECK. This is achieved through in depth knowledge of the markets and fair price benchmarking data regarding payment services.

The Bankbrokers project, led by Vincent Schreinemacher, was appointed by Annette De Graeff at CHECK to benchmark payment services terms and contracts and identify areas for cost optimisation. The exercise was conducted efficiently and thoroughly to produce positive results.

Annette comments:

“We hired Bankbrokers to benchmark our Payment service providers’ costs and help negotiate them. Bankbrokers’ services have provided us with valuable insights into the costs associated with our payment service providers. Their thorough analysis and comprehensive comparison enabled us to identify areas where we were overpaying and where we had opportunities for cost optimization.”

Read the full story and the results achieved by the Bankbrokers – The Netherlands & Belgium team in the article below.

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